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Dear Readers,

I hope the past month has been good to you and that you are realizing your goals and wishes. I have enjoyed hearing from you.
At 11:15 PM tonight, April 19, 2018, the Sun moves to Taurus. This newsletter offers insight into the current planetary lineup, an overview of Taurus’ year ahead, information about the eclipses and retrograde activity of specific planets, birth dates most affected by this month’s transits, a list of famous individuals with Taurus birthdays. Regular features include the section on people, places and topics in the news (this month I highlight American idol, Barbara Bush, Dancing with the Stars, General Hospital — a true story about how the show impacted a woman’s work day before we had VCRs and DVDs and cast members who celebrate Taurus birthdays, ongoing White House activity and chart findings, a notation about James Comey), readers corner, quote of the month and information on cyber security. Keep your eyes on the sign shifts and motion of key planets and how they tie to eclipses. I hope the information is helpful to you.
Enjoy the loveliness of spring.
Alice DeVille
Consulting Services
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Aries 2017 Newsletter

Dear Readers,
How quickly the past month flew by for me. How about you? I had two big projects going and am almost finished the last one. On Monday morning at 6:29 AM EDT the Sun moves to Aries and we experience the spring equinox while the Moon moves to Capricorn a few hours later. You will find notable dates listed in this newsletter as well as the lunar and solar shifts. Feedback was buzzing over security breaches and the ever-increasing ways that scammers are preying on consumers; several are highlighted on page 1.
This month’s material highlights Aries year ahead and includes eclipses through early 2018. Aries will have a productive year including a couple of the celebrities on the list of birthdays who are featured in the People, Places and Topics in the News section; Eddie Murphy and chef Cat Cora, both born on April 3. The biggest volume of mail came from readers disappointed in how the current administration is behaving in the U.S. and on the World Stage. I’ll write more about this in coming months. In the Current Planets section, you’ll see that much is going on with planetary activity in the coming month, so check out what is ahead for your sign and note the increasing number of retrograde planets and their impact. Readers Corner features questions involving relationships to both personal life and career. Questions of this type are among the most prolific I receive and this month, all involve members of the sun sign, Aries. Enjoy the quote of the month and information about office hours and services.
I look forward to hearing from you.
All the best,    


Alice DeVille
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