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About Alice

I am an internationally known astrologer, writer and consultant; I am also very intuitive and the quality blends beautifully with my astrological analysis. My work in astrology brings me tremendous passion and satisfaction because those who seek my services give me the energy to sustain it. I enjoy working with my clients offering them insight and options for living a beautiful life. About 90 percent of my work with clients takes place over the telephone and the rest is via office consultation. Over the years this work has generated opportunities to appear on popular call-in radio and TV programs.

Teaching is another exciting passion that gives me an opportunity to work with others. I have designed, developed and presented over 160 astrology, metaphysical, self-help, business and Feng Shui workshops and lectures at hotels, festivals, meetings, business venues, and medical groups. I have also taught Tarot and offered group and private tutoring to those who sought another tool to open up the intuitive base.

Problem-solving is one of my specialties and I use this talent in my astrology work by merging components from diverse fields of personal expertise. In my busy Northern Virginia practice, I work with clients from diverse backgrounds and ages (age 4 to 94) to address issues revolving around relationships, government affairs, career and change management, Feng Shui, relocation, real estate, finances, health and business management. My focus is on helping clients discover the spiritual, psychological, and practical tools that support their life purpose.

Education & Credentials
I hold a B.A. in Sociology from George Mason University and am a certified Master Facilitator having earned credentials from The Pacific Institute. Business specialties include organizational development, teamwork, meeting facilitation and train-the trainer seminars. Real estate credentials included a real estate license in the Commonwealth of VA although no longer active. I have worked as a real estate consultant since 1992.

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