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Gemini 2019 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful spring and that the environment around you is bright with optimism and lush greenery. Thank you for keeping in touch over the last month.

Here is the Gemini 2019 Newsletter that includes insight into Cyber Security, the Llewellyn 2020 Moon Sign Book, Gemini’s forecast for the year ahead, famous Geminis, the important dates and lunations occurring over the next month and the planetary activity taking place now. Material includes People, Places and Events in the news with information on Baby Sussex, American Idol, James Holzhauer, the reigning champ of Jeopardy, and Doris Day as well as Readers Corner with questions about in-law relationships. Gemini begins on May 21, 3:59 AM EDT. Enjoy the material.

Blessings for a happy month ahead,


Alice DeVille

Consulting and Writing

(813) 374-5398

Gemini 2019 Newsletter

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