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Gemini 2017 Newsletter UPDATE

Dear Readers,
This attachment is an updated version of the Gemini 2017 Newsletter  I published last week. Information about the New and Full Moons and the beginning of the summer solstice on page 7 has been corrected.  On May 20th the Sun moved to Gemini at 4:31 P.M., and I am pleased to share the Gemini Newsletter with you so that Geminis and all readers have insight into the month ahead. This edition contains all the regular features like Cybersecurity alerts, the current positions of the planets and eclipses and their effect on individuals and the U.S. and the global Big Picture. Readers Corner addresses the Ascendant and the Confidential section relates to finding the right partner.
People, Places and Topics in the news covers Dancing With the Stars, emerging coverage of the White House, the effect of the planets and eclipses on the President’s chart and birth chart information about Former FBI Director, James Comey and special counsel for the Russia Investigation, Robert Mueller. I hope you find something that addresses your questions.
As always, I look forward to hearing from you.
Peace and Blessings,


Alice DeVille
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Gemini 2017 Newsletter Updated

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