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Pisces 2018 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

On Sunday, February 18, the Sun moves to Pisces at 12:18 PM EST. I’m attaching the Pisces newsletter early so you can get a jump on what is happening in the world and check out news that is keeping us on our toes. It has been a wild news week.
In addition to the information on Pisces and insight for the year ahead, I have included material related to several signs in the Planetary update. Also featured is information about the Eagles’ Super Bowl win, the horrendous shooting and loss of lives at the Parkland, FL, high school; a shout out to General Hospital on winning the Writers’ Guild Award and featuring some of the Pisces actors who make the show so enjoyable; and the always requested questions about the White House. Readers Corner provides details on compatibility in the charts of a couple who recently parted company, and housekeeping material covers security issues, birthdays, the drawing winner and quote of the month.
I hope the last month of winter is good to you. Thank you for staying in touch.
Peace and blessings,

Alice DeVille
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