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General Hospital 50th Anniversary Tribute

Just want to share this true story with you about a dedicated GH fan from 1979. I was attending a management course that had a problem-solving segment where participants had to present real issues that confronted them at the workplace. I was assigned to work with a woman secretary who had a very timid demeanor and was struggling with how to tell her boss, the highest civilian official at a military installation, that she no longer wanted to take dictation related to material she found embarrassing. It seems this secretary’s boss had broken his leg and was out of the office recuperating for 6 weeks. During that time he got “hooked” on General Hospital and watched the program daily. When he returned to work he advised the secretary that each day at 4 PM his wife would be calling to give him a report on what took place on the show (no VCRs in those days). He advised the secretary that if he was not in the office she was to take the call and take dictation from his wife so he could have the full details when he returned. The secretary said that scenario happened 2-3 days a week for months and she was mortified to have to relay details about topics like abortions, affairs, divorces, murders, rapes and miscellaneous scandals peppering the story line. The woman reported that she felt ill and had knots in her stomach; sometimes she stayed home from work to avoid the inevitable when she knew her boss would be away. She said she could not confront her boss because she felt intimidated. Of course I recommended that she have the conversation that was long overdue and coached her on how to broach the subject of assignments that were not really in the job description. Especially mind-boggling was the fact that this man lived 20 minutes from his workplace, his workday usually ended at 4:30 PM and he did not want to wait to go home to get the details from his spouse. I hope you enjoy the humor in this fan tribute. By the way my daughter and I have followed GH since it started and are enjoying the way you have brought back many fan favorites to enrich the storyline. All the best, Alice

Leo 2013 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

I have attached the Leo issue of the monthly newsletter to this message in PDF format. If you have trouble opening it let me know; I wanted to send it to you just ahead of today’s sun sign change to Leo at 11:56 AM EDT and the Full Moon in Aquarius at 2:16 PM EDT. The good news is that Mercury went direct on Saturday afternoon and much of what we are awaiting is moving forward. For example, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is finally in Labor and the UK is excitedly waiting to share the news and post the baby’s sex and time of birth. I’ll post an update on my web site.

Other news in this issue includes the announcement section, news of emerging cyber threats, the Leo birthday year highlights, planetary activity in this cycle through August 22, Lunar and Solar cycles, and celebrities in the news. Readers Corner takes a look at shared Mercury retrograde stories and explores the topic of eating disorders.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Alice DeVille

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