Astrological Solutions for Every Day Life

Charts & Reports

Custom Charts
In addition to one-on-one consultations, I offer a full array of gift charts in beautiful designs and colors. I print these charts on glossy photo paper – you also have the option to select a matte finish; they are suitable for framing and cost $30 which includes shipping and handling. Besides personal use, clients purchase these charts as gifts for friends and family and for special occasions such as the birth of newborns, engagement and marriage dates, company start-up dates, inauguration dates, or a natal chart for other individuals on their gift lists. To order a chart I need complete birth data for the person, event or company: name on the chart; month, day and year; time of birth or event; and birth place – city, county, state, country; gender. Follow the normal payment procedures via PayPal. I will also need to know the mailing address where you would like to have the chart sent. Here is an example of one of the many available designs; call for details, color and descriptions of other options. Note that no advertising appears on a gift chart (my information as shown at the bottom of this sample) since most purchasers or recipients frame them.

Sample Chart: Shannen Doherty

Personal Astrological Reports
I also offer a full array of personal astrological narrative reports that are accurate and designed to give you supplemental information about your natal astrology chart or about current planetary cycles that may be affecting you. The reports are not only ideal for personal use but also make the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. To order reports I need complete birth data for each individual and the type and number of reports you wish to order. Please list the following for the report preparation: Name, Birth date (month, day, and year); Birth time (hour, minute and AM or PM); Birth Place (city, county, state, country); gender (extremely important for compatibility narratives); and e-mail address where you would like me to send the report. If ordering a TimeLine Report or any of the reports where I generate some timing information, select the start month for the report (most reports will start on the 1st day of the month you select). Submit payment via PayPal. I will then prepare the report in PDF format and will e-mail it you or to the intended recipient per your instructions. The list of report options and costs follows:

AstroTalk Personal Natal Profile: Interpretation of your natal chart which addresses key factors and also features a section that describes current cycles affecting your life. The report length varies and ranges from 30-40 pages. $40.

Child Star: The perfect report for the younger set from infant through age 16 this narrative describes your child’s personality, emotional makeup, challenges, potential, outlook on life and unique qualities. $40.

Friends and Lovers: When you have questions about the strength or potential of a relationship, this report provides insights into how each individual deals with relationships and then gives insight into the positive strengths and the limitations of this particular relationship. I need both individuals’ birth data to prepare this report: Names of each party, Birth date (month, day, and year); Birth time (hour, minute and AM or PM); Birth Place (city, county, state, country); gender (extremely important for this compatibility narrative); and e-mail address where you would like me to send the report. I also include a set of two dual wheel charts that show how the planets interact/overlap with one another. The report itself is approximately 25 pages. $40.

Life Progressions: This report tracks important stages in your life in the current time period for approximately 12-15 months and highlights both practical and spiritual stages that are unfolding; it describes how your planets and houses have progressed and any people or conditions that are of current importance. Specific life progressions take at least 3 months to complete their cycle and the report lists the start dates of these cycles. The report is approximately 15 pages. $30.

Solar Return Reports: These reports describe the activity as presented in your solar return chart, a map of the year ahead that runs from the current birthday until the following birthday. Interpretation covers the solar return itself as well as how the chart relates to transiting planets and the impact on your natal chart. Includes Solar Return Chart, 25-35 pages depending on the activity level in your chart. $40.

TimeLine Reports: When you hear about planetary cycles and wonder how they are affecting you, this report describes those particular influences as they relate to your natal chart. I have enjoyed customizing this report to maximize the amount of information available to you; the report has grown from 35-40 pages to over 70 pages in length. TimeLine describes current transits, secondary progressions and solar arc progressions and how they affect you during a one-year period beginning with the month of your choice. The narrative describes each important day as well as the impact of eclipses and depicts the highlights of the report, the highlights of each month, and the detailed aspects affecting you each month. $50.

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