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Libra 2017 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

Tomorrow the Sun moves to Libra at 4:02 PM EDT and welcomes the fall equinox, a breath of fresh air after the chaos many in the U.S. experienced in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Enjoy this month’s newsletter with a preview of the year ahead for Libra; general planetary updates and the signs and dates affected; important dates and the lunations for the month ahead; information about eclipses and how they factored into the charts of Houston and several key U.S. cities and the states of Texas and Florida; Cyber security and acknowledgements; and an update on America’s Got Talent which closed out Season 12 with a rousing finish. Readers Corner features information on Venus, the ruling planet of Libra and insight into how Venus translates in each sign.
My area of the central Gulf Coast near Tampa was touched by Hurricane Irma with winds at 74-99 MPH and heavy rain. There were some pretty tense moments to be sure and the area is still cleaning up yet very competent professionals stepped in to bring stability and power back to the region. Several of you reported that you could not contact me and I apologize for the inconvenience. I am grateful for being safe and spared from the devastation that many experienced in coastal areas of Florida. I thank you for your kindness in reaching out, sharing concern, offering advice and letting me know you care. You are the best.
Enjoy the beauty of fall.

Alice DeVille
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