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Taurus 2017 Newsletter

Dear Readers:
I hope you have enjoyed a productive and inspiring month.
At 5:27 PM EDT today the Sun enters Taurus. Here is this month’s newsletter highlighting activity for the coming month with a description of planets influencing us now from a personal and global perspective; information on the reversal of the current Administration’s political positions and aggressive actions in Syria and Afghanistan; North Korea and the chart of Kim Jong in and that of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad; behind the scenes at The White House including information about advisors and rotation of staff; the trends for Taurus in the year ahead, eclipse influences; celebrities with a Taurus birthday; a listing by Sun Sign of the remaining contestants on Season 24 of Dancing With The Stars; a shout-out to Stephen Colbert for leading the late night talk shows in ratings and his spot on depiction of White House activity; a salute to another Taurus, Carla Hall of The Chew; the Readers Corner with an emphasis on astrology and your health; and the sections on Cybersecurity and housekeeping. 
I would also like to acknowledge Aries, Alec Baldwin for his Saturday Night Live appearances as “President Trump”; and recognize the talent of Scorpio Jon Batiste, Bandleader on The Late Show Starring Stephen Colbert who was a recipient of the American Jazz Museum Lifetime Achievement Award on April 8.
Have a wonderful month!

Alice DeVille
Consulting and Training Services
(813) 374-5398

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Taurus 2017 Newsletter

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