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Dear Readers,

I hope the past month has been good to you and that you are realizing your goals and wishes. I have enjoyed hearing from you.
At 11:15 PM tonight, April 19, 2018, the Sun moves to Taurus. This newsletter offers insight into the current planetary lineup, an overview of Taurus’ year ahead, information about the eclipses and retrograde activity of specific planets, birth dates most affected by this month’s transits, a list of famous individuals with Taurus birthdays. Regular features include the section on people, places and topics in the news (this month I highlight American idol, Barbara Bush, Dancing with the Stars, General Hospital — a true story about how the show impacted a woman’s work day before we had VCRs and DVDs and cast members who celebrate Taurus birthdays, ongoing White House activity and chart findings, a notation about James Comey), readers corner, quote of the month and information on cyber security. Keep your eyes on the sign shifts and motion of key planets and how they tie to eclipses. I hope the information is helpful to you.
Enjoy the loveliness of spring.
Alice DeVille
Consulting Services
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Taurus 2017 Newsletter

Dear Readers:
I hope you have enjoyed a productive and inspiring month.
At 5:27 PM EDT today the Sun enters Taurus. Here is this month’s newsletter highlighting activity for the coming month with a description of planets influencing us now from a personal and global perspective; information on the reversal of the current Administration’s political positions and aggressive actions in Syria and Afghanistan; North Korea and the chart of Kim Jong in and that of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad; behind the scenes at The White House including information about advisors and rotation of staff; the trends for Taurus in the year ahead, eclipse influences; celebrities with a Taurus birthday; a listing by Sun Sign of the remaining contestants on Season 24 of Dancing With The Stars; a shout-out to Stephen Colbert for leading the late night talk shows in ratings and his spot on depiction of White House activity; a salute to another Taurus, Carla Hall of The Chew; the Readers Corner with an emphasis on astrology and your health; and the sections on Cybersecurity and housekeeping. 
I would also like to acknowledge Aries, Alec Baldwin for his Saturday Night Live appearances as “President Trump”; and recognize the talent of Scorpio Jon Batiste, Bandleader on The Late Show Starring Stephen Colbert who was a recipient of the American Jazz Museum Lifetime Achievement Award on April 8.
Have a wonderful month!

Alice DeVille
Consulting and Training Services
(813) 374-5398

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Taurus 2017 Newsletter

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