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Fee Schedule & Policy for Consulting Services

Initial consultations require considerable pre-work to review personal history questionnaire, set up a client file, and complete appropriate research so that time scheduled for appointment is targeted to your specific request for information. All consultations (initial or follow-up) are interactive and recorded on a digital file as an optional courtesy to you. You may decline this service or tape your own session. PAYMENTS are NON-REFUNDABLE once I have done the analytical and prep work required to conduct your consultation. Currently I accept payments for services via PayPal ( where you can use either credit cards or debit cards directly from your checking or savings account at this secure site. You do not need your own PayPal account to pay for your consultations this way although I highly recommend obtaining one as you will see more and more vendors offering payment through PayPal. I no longer keep clients’ credit or debit card numbers on file. PayPal notifies me when the funds have been received in my account. My phone number is 1-813-374-5398.


All INITIAL and follow-up consultations have level pricing. Invoices are sent to you as soon as I book your appointment for a telephone consultation so that you can make your payment via PayPal. Don’t send anything to PayPal until you receive the invoice. Payment must be received prior to your consultation date. Fees cover the standard principal party analysis, and you can book in one hour $225, 1-1/2 hour $325, or 2-hour increments $450 based on how many people you asked to have analyzed. You can request chart analysis for additional people at $90 per birth date during the same consultation and receive a full update. Be sure you allow enough time for a consultation if you are asking for analysis for more than one other party. Couples’ compatibility analysis is $325 for one hour and $425 for 1-1/2 hours. Please provide name, date of birth, birth time and location of birth for both parties.  Also include the city/town/state where you currently reside.

 Please give 24-hour notice by telephone if you need to reschedule your appointment. Additional work for time spent outside the appointment period or normal pre appointment prep work is subject to an additional fee.

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