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Aquarius 2019 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

I have enjoyed hearing from you over the past month. Thank you for writing.
Tomorrow the Sun moves into gregarious Aquarius at 4:00 AM, January 20. The following day we experience the first lunar eclipse of 2019, A Super Moon in Leo at 12:16 AM. I hope you enjoy the material on Aquarius’ year ahead and the many insights related to the current placement of planets and the impact of eclipses and transits on a variety of signs. Be sure to check out your favorite columns that speak to Cyber Security, People, Places and Events, Readers Corner and the important dates and lunations occurring in the next month.
I look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy a very happy and healthy month and celebrate Valentine’s Day.
Alice DeVille
Consulting and Writing
(813) 374-5398

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