Astrological Solutions for Every Day Life


I use a holistic approach in helping you understand your chart’s natal patterns and the conditions from aspects that are affecting your plans or challenging you now.

Scheduling a Consultation
Before we set up schedule a consultation, I need information that includes your name, time, date, place of birth and current mailing address; telephone and e-mail addresses and any other contact details you wish to share in case I need to reach you. If you don’t know your time of birth, look on your birth certificate. In the event that it is not listed contact the Bureau of Vital Statistics in your state of birth and request a copy that lists your time of birth. Hospitals are another excellent source of birth information and usually have recorded the time. This service may cost you $5-$20, depending upon the organization’s policy. Be sure you ask specifically for a copy that lists birth time–some states have up to three versions of your birth certificate.

You may find this form helpful in supplying the birth information I need for our consultation as well as topics for your session. I prefer to have questions from you or specific concerns/issues that you want me to address since my prep work prior to our session is very thorough. If you are requesting interpretation for additional parties, I will also need the same birth information and the name you would like me to put on the chart (s). Additional charges apply for all extra parties as indicated in the Fee Schedule.

Fee Schedule

The cost for personal, business, or comparative work depends on the length of time you request, the complexity of your concerns and whether the appointment is solely for you—the principal client—or involves others (see last paragraph below). I am very thorough in my prep work. For example, I do a considerable amount of work with relationships and these sessions involve chart analysis for two or more parties. The sessions range from compatibility analysis to discussions over whether to stay in a relationship, take it to the next level, break up or divorce. Some clients want to know how to deal with family relationships involving parents, children and their behavior, or other family dynamics. Individuals who own or manage businesses have questions involving partners, employees, job congruity, hiring or firing practices or strategies that require examination of two or more charts. Along with my credentials as an executive and management development coach I am able to help many clients with job performance matters. Most clients prefer appointments that run 60-90 minutes.

In addition to personal and professional consultations I provide services that target specific questions and actions; some involving the best date for a particular event. Typically, clients pose questions that ask for the ideal dates to get married, open a business, get engaged, have surgery, start a project, give a talk or appear on TV. This type of analysis most often involves researching the best dates; it becomes more complex when two or more individuals are involved.

Consultation Format
All consultations are by telephone and prepaid.  On the day and time of your appointment, call me at (813) 374-5398 at the scheduled time and I begin recording our conversation.

Digital Recordings
Whether your consultation is by phone or in person, I make a digital recording of our session whether your consultation is by phone or in person. Recording your consultation eliminates the need to take extensive notes while we’re talking and also provides you with a convenient post-session reference tool. As the client, you have the option to decline the recording.

After Your Consultation
After your consultation, I will send you the digital recording by e-mail in zip file format. You will also receive a separate zip file that typically contains PDF versions of your natal and solar return charts as well as any other charts that were created to facilitate your session, and a copy of your paid invoice.

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