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The Public Life of February 25 Birthdays

Lucky you to be born on this day with your desire to shine in public and make the most of your presence in the world of partners, cooperators, consultants, public speakers and those who seek the limelight in your chosen field. You can be an avid collaborator yet own your field; when you are on top of your game you are unstoppable. Many of you hide a soft heart and compassionate inner core behind a stoic exterior. When you don’t ask for what you want you suffer and sulk in your emotional shell until you feel the fight again. Your date of birth includes: Nancy O’Dell, Sally Jessy Raphael, Sean Astin, Chelsea Handler, George Harrison, Carrot Top, Isabella Fuhrman, Maria Kanellis, Bob Schieffer, Karen Grassle, Anson Mount, Rashida Jones, Oliver Phelps, Shahid Kapoor, Tea Leoni, Justin Jeffre, Alexis Denisof, James Phelps. The year ahead can bring the perfect work opportunity that blends your creative force with the orgnization and product control you desire. Those of moving get that opportunity after the first round of eclipses hits in April and May. You not only face the music this year — you are the music and you find the muse. Enjoy! And Happy Birthday. Sending a special shout out to Alice and a terrific birthday celebration to Pete as well.

Full Moon Highlights Emotions in Pisces while Venus Lights Up the Night

You have the opportunity today to release mental clogging, fears, the sense of inadequacy and to replace these phobias with the positive choices that are lurking inside. Take advantage of the thorough cleansing properties that come in with the Full Moon energy, especially in Pisces, and release the baggage while entertaining your new vision. Tonight is particularly expressive when Vens moves to Pisces and adds warmth and compassion to your relationships.

George Washington and Other Celebrities Born February 22

Our first President was born on this day along with Ted Kennedy, Dr. J, Clinton Kelly, Drew Barrymore, Leslie Charleson, Steve Irwin, Julie Walters, Jeri Ryan, Chopin, Lea Salonga, James Blunt, Paul Lieberstein, Ellen Greene, Joe Cortese, Vijay Singh, Rachel Dratch, Thomas Jane, Dan Millman, and Nigel Planer. Born on 2/22 you come alive with the opportunity to solve unusual problems or overcome near impossible feats; you seldom take the easy path and what you learn from setbacks inspires others; you prefer to be the leader of You, Inc.; and multi-talented you can putt it off. The year ahead is all about launching a new product, program or project; you win accolades in May, go to reunions in June and take a desired trip in August or September; the lure of innovation attracts you to new contracts/agreements in fall. Happy Birthday!

Trending Retrograde Planets: Saturn and Mercury

Saturn, the planet that rules responsibility, organization, restriction and ambition went into retrograde (apparent backward motion) on February 18 and will continue in this motion until July 7. Tomorrow morning Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde as well until March 17. When planets are retrograde it is important to know which house or department of life is most affected by the delays or unexpected developments that occur during the retrograde period. Mercury goes retrograde three times a year while Saturn goes retrograde for a four-month period every year. For a more detailed explanation of Mercury, known as the Messenger of the Gods, see my article, AN INTERVIEW WITH THE MESSENGER to learn more about this multidimensional planet.

Pisces of Note Born February 21 And The Year Ahead

February 21 birthdays include: Ellen Page, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ashley Greene, Kelsey Grammer, John Lewis, Corbin Bleu, Tyne Daly, William Petersen, Charlotte Church, Sara Blakely, Aunjanue Ellis, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Gary Lockwood, Lidia Bastianich, David Geffen, Christopher Atkins, Christine Ebersole. Qualities include: love of travel, oral communication skills, love of or performance of music, writing, and intellectual pursuits; the gift of gab, a party socializer if not also a giver; valued connections with cousins and neighbors; love of education. In the year ahead your path is one of mastery and challenge, people come through for you with unique offers, a reunion occurs in August; you score a big one in the game of chance; an unplanned trip leads to adventure and another dent in your bucket list. Celebrate!

Moon in Cancer Loves Sun in Pisces

Today’s Moon in Cancer shares a very compatible vibe with Pisces. One born with this placement brings extra nurturing qualities and compassion to the personality. ou can get plenty of chicken soup for your soul and loving hugs with this emotional connection. A good deal of planetary activity flashes through the planet today; you are sure to hear some surprising news.

February 19 Birthdays include:

Stephen Nichols, Jessica Tuck, Benicio Del Toro, and Jeff Daniels; born today you are on the Aquarius/Pisces cusp. This year Pisces began on 2/18 at 7:02 AM EST. Many of your major life lessons evolve around how you manage relationships. This year you earn the respect of peers and industry authorities; many earn new work, promotions, big payouts and rewards in the summer months, espeically in July. A heartfelt message touches you deeply. Be sure to open the door to new possibilities as you end a critical phase of your life.

Pisces 2013 Newsletter

Pisces 2013 NEWSLETTEROn February 18 the Sun moved into Pisces where it will remain until March 20. Often individuals born on February 18 and even part of February 19 are Aquarians. Don’t worry, your birth sign status remains; this super early shift occurs approximately every 12 years. The attached newsletter highlights advice and direction related to planets affecting Pisces in the year ahead, important dates, current planetary activity, people, places and events in the news, political trends, the Readers’ Corner, and general announcements, including security information. A significant section identifies leading 2013 Oscar nominees. Enjoy the new insight.

Looking Ahead for February 15 birthdays

Your personal natal chart and life progressions to it tell the full story; enjoy this capsule of the year ahead: you could be juggling two careers, two jobs, two home bases while at the same time releasing nervous energy in big bursts. You will not have much down time, especially with a stepped-up travel schedule; someone presents you with an entrepreneurial opportunity; check your best dates before giving it a thumbs up. Surprises ahead.

Aquarians Born February 15 Include:

Michael Easton, Jane Seymour, Chris Farley, Zachary Gordon, Amber Riley, Melissa Manchester, Sarah Wynter, Norman Birdwell, Conor Oberst, Omarosa Manigault, Galileo, Matt Groening, Harvey Korman, Cesar Romero, Claire Bloom, Miranda July, Renee O’Connor, Brandon Boyd, Alex Borstein. Prominent traits include a highly versatile creative streak expressed as poetry, prose, acting, music, mimicry, analytics, organization and conmecting with people and pets. You enjoy leading rather than following or partherships with defined roles.

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