Astrological Solutions for Every Day Life

Our first President was born on this day along with Ted Kennedy, Dr. J, Clinton Kelly, Drew Barrymore, Leslie Charleson, Steve Irwin, Julie Walters, Jeri Ryan, Chopin, Lea Salonga, James Blunt, Paul Lieberstein, Ellen Greene, Joe Cortese, Vijay Singh, Rachel Dratch, Thomas Jane, Dan Millman, and Nigel Planer. Born on 2/22 you come alive with the opportunity to solve unusual problems or overcome near impossible feats; you seldom take the easy path and what you learn from setbacks inspires others; you prefer to be the leader of You, Inc.; and multi-talented you can putt it off. The year ahead is all about launching a new product, program or project; you win accolades in May, go to reunions in June and take a desired trip in August or September; the lure of innovation attracts you to new contracts/agreements in fall. Happy Birthday!

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