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Pisces 2023 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

Thank you for staying in touch over the past month. I have enjoyed hearing from you in this busy period and appreciate your feedback.

On February 18 the sun moved to Pisces at 5:34 PM EST.  The monthly newsletter is attached to provide insight into what is in store for Pisces and several other signs. You’ll also learn about current security matters, important dates, the planets’ positions for the month, Saturn’s move to Pisces on March 7, people and events in the news including the Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes, Raquel Welch, Burt Bacharach, economic insight, Readers Corner that features material about slow moving transits and why they are important in understanding your chart and life lessons. I hope you enjoy the material.

Have a beautiful month.


Alice DeVille

Consulting and Writing


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