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Writing & Workshops

Writing is another lifelong interest and one that generates a wealth of ideas and energy. I’ve been a feature article contributor with Llewellyn Worldwide for 15 years and have written articles on a variety of topics for Llewellyn’s Sun Sign Book, Moon Sign Book, Herbal Almanac, and the Starview Almanac (no longer published). You’ll also find my articles on romance, business, moving and the planets on the website. StarIQ articles include: “Let’s Talk Business”; “Is There a Promotion in Your Future?”; “Is There a Moving Van in Your Future?”; “Runaway Love”; “The Month of Love”; “The Love Assessment”; “Romancing With the Moon”; “Soul Mate Zone”; “Walking the Green Mile with Tom Hanks”; and “Interview With the Messenger”.

My work has been translated into more than 20 languages and can be found in national and international websites, newsletters, publications and online communities including Astral Hearts, Meta Arts, Inner Self, and ShareItLiv. “Each relationship you have with another reflects the relationship you have with yourself” is drawn from the Taking Inventory of Relationships article that I wrote for Llewellyn. The quote is cited in Famous Quotes and by author Sarah Ban Breathnach in Chapter 25 of her book, SOMETHING MORE. It was also featured on for over three years and in material published by The Federal Executive Institute and The Franklin Planner.

Workshops & Training
I have designed, developed and delivered more than 160 workshops and seminars. My specialties and workshop themes include astrology (planets, aspects, transits, mundane topics, career/business, chart analysis and Soul Mates), metaphysics (numerology, Ascended Masters and spiritual development and Tarot), relationships, career and change management, government affairs, real estate (related to educating clients in home purchasing, selling, real estate transactions, coaching agents, appraisals and lender requirements), health, and business advice.

Alternative medicine is another interest and related workshop topics in this area include: aromatherapy, Bach flower remedies, working with colors, candles and herbs. I’m a Third Degree Reiki and a Seichim Master. Another compatible workshop series revolves around Feng Shui, which I cover in various workshops to enhance the workplace, home purchasing and real estate transactions, decluttering, design, creating romantic settings, gardening, and maximizing space effectiveness.

Custom Services

I am available to conduct workshops and training for groups or individuals; as a speaker for business groups, conferences, or meetings; and to write magazine and newpaper articles or books for publishers. Contact me at or (703) 825-7235 to discuss your requirements.

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