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Taurus 2013 Newsletter

Early in the evening on April 19 several readers received this newsletter as the Sun moved from the feisty and energetic Aries territory into nature-loving and stable Taurus turf. The energy that marked this passage and will continue to do so is anything but sedate: you’ll be treated to three new eclipses between April 25 and May 25 in three different signs: Scorpio, Taurus and Sagittarius in that order. You can count on another round of drama and intensity when Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn connect to shatter the air as they have done over the past few weeks in Boston, MA, West, TX, and North Korea. This issue includes highlights about these major occurrences as well as updates and analysis on leading competitors in the American Idol and Dancing With The Stars shows. You’ll also gain insight into the true nature of the Taurus sun sign in this month’s Readers Corner feature. As always I welcome your feedback. Enjoy the spring.Taurus 2013 Newsletter

Aries Birthdays in the News

Creative, talented entrepreneurial Aries Sun Signs include individuals from the world of sports, music, comedy, theater, drama, film, fashion, and politics as well as those with mechanical flair, inventors, writers, and innovators. March born Aries celebs: Peyton Manning, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Julia Stiles, Vince Vaughn, Salt, Reba McEntire, Diane Wiest, Ken Howard, Danica Patrick, Aretha Franklin, Gloria Steinem, Keira Knightly, Diana Ross, Mariah Carey, Jessica Chastain, Eric Idle, Celine Dion, Tracy Chapman, Ewan McGregor, Christopher Walken, Keri Russell, Rosie O’Donnell, Matthew Broderick, Reese Witherspoon, Alyson Hannigan, Sara Jessica Parker, T.R. Knight, Fergie and Giovanni Ribisi. Members of this group will make headlines in the year ahead often due to emerging life changes, invention, unexpected developments in life and career, new relationships, evolving plans, moves both physical and on the inner plane. Uranus in Aries has been visiting their Sun — bringing changes and disrupting the flow of life. Uranus transits last approximately 7 years the length of time it takes to move from one sign to another. Individuals often receive 5 different “hits” or more when Uranus lands on either their Sun Sign of other planets in the particular sign that Uranus visits, in this case Aries. See my article in the 2011 Llewellyn Sun Sign Book, “HOW URANUS IN ARIES WILL AFFECT YOU” for more details. If you are feeling restless and life is moving rapidly in new directions, it may be time to schedule a personal consultation for greater insight.

Mini Consultation Special — “25 for $75”

Aries 2013 Newsletter

Needing insight into a few important matters or life changes? This special helps exisiting clients by supplementing standard consultations with current changes in direction or setting of dates for travel, business decisions, surgery, event planning or eclipse impact. The consultations are perfect for first time clients who want to give this method a try. See the promotion on page 7 of this issue and book your telephone consultation today. Office Hours appear on page 8.

See My Take on American Idol Judges in the Aries Newsletter

Aries 2013 Newsletter

Along with important dates, insight for Aries readers about their year ahead, people in the news and answers to readers’ questions you can get the scoop on American Idol judges as well as dynamic host Ryan Seacrest.

Aries Soap Stars Revealed

So many of your favoritie soap stars were born during the Aries sun sign cycle. This group is known for striving to be first in their field, a fiery and assertive personality; impulsive and kind; quick to fall in love. Aries individuals enjoy being pioneers and trail blazers; entrepreneurial endeavors suit their style; leadership is a strong quality but it is harder to ge them to compromise. Aries contacts will lead you to new adventures and open up your field of vision. Enjoy the rewards. Notable Aries Soap stars include: Kassie DePaiva, Thorsten Kaye, Michael O’Leary, Jessica Collins, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Eric Braeden, Kristen Storms, Austin Peck, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Tamara Braun, Melody Thomas Scott

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