Astrological Solutions for Every Day Life

So many of your favoritie soap stars were born during the Aries sun sign cycle. This group is known for striving to be first in their field, a fiery and assertive personality; impulsive and kind; quick to fall in love. Aries individuals enjoy being pioneers and trail blazers; entrepreneurial endeavors suit their style; leadership is a strong quality but it is harder to ge them to compromise. Aries contacts will lead you to new adventures and open up your field of vision. Enjoy the rewards. Notable Aries Soap stars include: Kassie DePaiva, Thorsten Kaye, Michael O’Leary, Jessica Collins, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Eric Braeden, Kristen Storms, Austin Peck, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Tamara Braun, Melody Thomas Scott

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