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Aries 2014 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

In case you did not receive the Aries 2014 Newsletter directly, note that the Sun moved to Aries at 12:57 PM EDT on March 20. In Aries the Sun picks up the pace and gives us the pleasure of celebrating the first day of spring and the cycle of innovative, enterprising Aries

This newsletter contains important dates for the cycle, current announcements, an overview of Aries year ahead, the lunar and solar cycles, a close look at planetary activity including an eclipse that occurs in April; people, places and topics in the news (this month I cover Crimea and the downed plane in Malaysia), the readers’ corner and quote of the month.

Thank you for staying in touch and for your comments to me since the last newsletter went out.

All the best,


Alice DeVille

Aries 2014 Newsletter

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