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The Moon in Taurus Desires Security

The Moon went to Taurus early this morning with few aspects to it all day. The main vibe resonates with romance, feelings, idealism with a very complimentary vibe from Mars and Pluto in aspect. If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day late this could be a picture perfect event. If born with this Moon sign you thrive on relationship security, the feeling of being adored, financial solvency and opportunities for self-development that lead to advancement.

What Lies Ahead for February 11 Birthdays?

What a promising year for those of you born today; expansion is all around you; social invitations, business projects, new relationships, revised eating habits; new health regimen, accelerated activity through the end of June, then vacation and rest before the next cycle in the fall; the introspective among you put your thoughts into memoirs or other written expresson.

Who Is Born on February 11?

Many notable births today include: Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Lautner, Sheryl Crow, Kelly Rowland, Brandy, Burt Reynolds, Mary Quant, Tina Louise, Carey Lowell, Matt Lawrence, Alex Jones, Damian Lewis, Gerry Goffin, Isaiah Mustafa, Sarah Palin. Celebrants have the chops to undertake activity that few will imitate; often February 11 births take the road less traveled and set themselves up for challenges along the way; partners are good resources that let you bounce around your ideas and listen to each revision; you understand the depth of life lessons.

How the New Moon Affects You

Yesterday’s New Moon in Aquarius represents an opportunity for you to start a new venture, enter a new phase or plant seeds connected with what you intend to accomplish in the month ahead. Many individuals write a check to themselves labeled “Law of Abundance” within 24-hours of the new moon to give energy to a desired prosperity cycle. The New Moon of February 10 occured early in the morning and then changed signs to Pisces. While Moon in Aquarius may be very analytical, the Pisces influence affects emotions, stimulates compassion, puts you in a mood for romance or the deisre to watch a movie marathon; many clean out closets; others work on taxes. The Moon will make abundant aspects by early PM on the east coast today and then take a breather until it changes signs tomorrow night.

Preview of Year Ahead for February 8 Birthday

This year you have high earning peaks in mid-spring and early October; solve relationship problems in May and June; help another relocate, embrace a new arrangement connected with a personal relationship, decide on a creative proposal, overcome restlessness by commiting to new work; give yourself space to become more balanced; take your time before agreeing to something that looks good on the surface but could trap you in 2014; enjoy a prosperity boost from Jupiter until late June.

Birthdays on February 8 and major traits include

Mary Steenbergen, Joshua Morrow, Seth Green, Nick Nolte, John Williams, Vince Neil, John Grisham, Gary Coleman, Jack Lemmon, Mary McCormack, Robert Klein, Ted Koppel, Ryan Pinkston, Tom Rush, Henry Czerny, Anna Hutchinson. Born today you often experience rebirth, enjoy mystery, find ways to manage debt and karma, look carefully at financial partners for clues to solvency; deal with themes connected to estates of the dead, taxes and insurance.

Aquarius Connects With

People of diverse signs. Yes the books say that Aquarius partners best with other air signs Libra and Gemini or fire signs like Aries and Sagittarius but that is only a partial picture. Sometimes Aquarius resonates well with the opposite sign, Leo; the attraction can be magnetic. Both charts have to support this union whether a personal romantic one or a business relationship

American Idol; Nashville

The Idol show in Hollywood on 2/6 was very well done; enjoyed the judges’ teamwork; they got to the point; very fine talent emerging; will the women have a chance this year?
Nashville is must see TV and last night show is a big winner; music is fantastic and the cast deserves high marks; direction is top-notch; looking forward to a long run.

February 7 Year Ahead

Lucky you, the world is your operational playground this year and you look forward optimistically to sharing your light and talent. New opportunities blossom in the next three months; some take a relationship to new heights in August; bosses take your proposal to authority figures and you win the game. Relationships that need tweaking make waves in September; make necessary changes in your work environment.

Birthdays on February 7

This group includes Ashton Kutcher. Chris Rock, Tina Majorino, Garth Brooks, Eddie Izzard, Miguel Ferrar, Robert Smigel, Juliette Greco, Stephen Colletti, Deborah Ann Woll, Limp Bizkit, Cerina Vincent and Victor Webster. Born February 7 you value balance in your life, cherish partnerships,, enjoy hosting parties or having friends in; seek cooperative ventures, take pride in home and hearth; often like the color red and have close friends in the signs Scorpio, Aries and Libra.

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