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Pisces 2013 Newsletter

Pisces 2013 NEWSLETTEROn February 18 the Sun moved into Pisces where it will remain until March 20. Often individuals born on February 18 and even part of February 19 are Aquarians. Don’t worry, your birth sign status remains; this super early shift occurs approximately every 12 years. The attached newsletter highlights advice and direction related to planets affecting Pisces in the year ahead, important dates, current planetary activity, people, places and events in the news, political trends, the Readers’ Corner, and general announcements, including security information. A significant section identifies leading 2013 Oscar nominees. Enjoy the new insight.

Looking Ahead for February 15 birthdays

Your personal natal chart and life progressions to it tell the full story; enjoy this capsule of the year ahead: you could be juggling two careers, two jobs, two home bases while at the same time releasing nervous energy in big bursts. You will not have much down time, especially with a stepped-up travel schedule; someone presents you with an entrepreneurial opportunity; check your best dates before giving it a thumbs up. Surprises ahead.

Aquarians Born February 15 Include:

Michael Easton, Jane Seymour, Chris Farley, Zachary Gordon, Amber Riley, Melissa Manchester, Sarah Wynter, Norman Birdwell, Conor Oberst, Omarosa Manigault, Galileo, Matt Groening, Harvey Korman, Cesar Romero, Claire Bloom, Miranda July, Renee O’Connor, Brandon Boyd, Alex Borstein. Prominent traits include a highly versatile creative streak expressed as poetry, prose, acting, music, mimicry, analytics, organization and conmecting with people and pets. You enjoy leading rather than following or partherships with defined roles.

The Moon in Taurus Desires Security

The Moon went to Taurus early this morning with few aspects to it all day. The main vibe resonates with romance, feelings, idealism with a very complimentary vibe from Mars and Pluto in aspect. If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day late this could be a picture perfect event. If born with this Moon sign you thrive on relationship security, the feeling of being adored, financial solvency and opportunities for self-development that lead to advancement.

What Lies Ahead for February 11 Birthdays?

What a promising year for those of you born today; expansion is all around you; social invitations, business projects, new relationships, revised eating habits; new health regimen, accelerated activity through the end of June, then vacation and rest before the next cycle in the fall; the introspective among you put your thoughts into memoirs or other written expresson.

Who Is Born on February 11?

Many notable births today include: Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Lautner, Sheryl Crow, Kelly Rowland, Brandy, Burt Reynolds, Mary Quant, Tina Louise, Carey Lowell, Matt Lawrence, Alex Jones, Damian Lewis, Gerry Goffin, Isaiah Mustafa, Sarah Palin. Celebrants have the chops to undertake activity that few will imitate; often February 11 births take the road less traveled and set themselves up for challenges along the way; partners are good resources that let you bounce around your ideas and listen to each revision; you understand the depth of life lessons.

How the New Moon Affects You

Yesterday’s New Moon in Aquarius represents an opportunity for you to start a new venture, enter a new phase or plant seeds connected with what you intend to accomplish in the month ahead. Many individuals write a check to themselves labeled “Law of Abundance” within 24-hours of the new moon to give energy to a desired prosperity cycle. The New Moon of February 10 occured early in the morning and then changed signs to Pisces. While Moon in Aquarius may be very analytical, the Pisces influence affects emotions, stimulates compassion, puts you in a mood for romance or the deisre to watch a movie marathon; many clean out closets; others work on taxes. The Moon will make abundant aspects by early PM on the east coast today and then take a breather until it changes signs tomorrow night.

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