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Uranus, Ruling Planet of Aquarius

Uranus is the planet most associated with the unexpect and a sudden turn of events — think earthquakes, shocks, a complete shift in direction or reversals. People who know them often say that Aquarians pop in and out of their lives unexpectedly often embracing a new philosophy or sharing brilliant ideas. Aquarius is one of the signs affiliated with Astrology and with a humanitarian outlook on life

Year Ahead for Those Born February 6

Timing is everything in career and personal life; learn what dates work best for creating your future, securing agreements, meeting people of influence, cherishing love life; you could travel more than usual; Jupiter enhances your work prospects; be alert for windfall.

Traits Affiliated with February 6 Birthdays Include

the desire to organize your kitchen, love of creative or culinary work, attention to health and nutrition, enjoyment of pets; need for harmonious work environment, experience in finding love at work

If Your Birthday is February 6

you share the date with Ronald Reagan, Babe Ruth, Natalie Cole, Axl Rose, Fabian, Rip Torn, Tom Brokaw, Mamie VanDoren, Michael Tucker, Mary Leakey, and Mike Farrell

Ambitious Moon in Capricorn

The Moon makes a number of positive aspects to planets today energizing communication, organizing work flow and facing challenges head on. If decorating is part of your agenda Venus plays a prominent role in aiding color coordination while Mercury compliments spiritual, harmonious thoughts.

More February 5 Birthdays

Born 2/5: Red Buttons, David Selby, Michael Sheen, Jeremy Sumpter, Brittany Allen, Tim Meadows, Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, Nora Zehetner, Michael Mans, Christopher Guest, Andrew Greeley, David LAdd, Adlai E. Stevenson, Jr., Hal Blaine  

Celebrities Born February 5

Born 2/5: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Hank Aaron, Bobby Brown, Roger Staubach, Eugene Roddenberry, Sara Evans, Laura Linney, Davis Cleveland, Darren Criss, Tom Wilkinson, Barbara Hershey.

Year Ahead for February 5 Birthdays

Transformation is the word for those born today; new career or job; accent on innovation, windfall in late summer; real estate sales and purchases; reunion with old friends.

February 5 Birthday

Born today you possess abundant nervous energy, love to travel, add flair to business dealings and enjoy socializing

Moon in Pisces

Compassion and caring are in the air today as Mercury moves into the sign Pisces joining the Moon and bringing out the softer side of relationships.

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