Astrological Solutions for Every Day Life

Lucky you to be born on this day with your desire to shine in public and make the most of your presence in the world of partners, cooperators, consultants, public speakers and those who seek the limelight in your chosen field. You can be an avid collaborator yet own your field; when you are on top of your game you are unstoppable. Many of you hide a soft heart and compassionate inner core behind a stoic exterior. When you don’t ask for what you want you suffer and sulk in your emotional shell until you feel the fight again. Your date of birth includes: Nancy O’Dell, Sally Jessy Raphael, Sean Astin, Chelsea Handler, George Harrison, Carrot Top, Isabella Fuhrman, Maria Kanellis, Bob Schieffer, Karen Grassle, Anson Mount, Rashida Jones, Oliver Phelps, Shahid Kapoor, Tea Leoni, Justin Jeffre, Alexis Denisof, James Phelps. The year ahead can bring the perfect work opportunity that blends your creative force with the orgnization and product control you desire. Those of moving get that opportunity after the first round of eclipses hits in April and May. You not only face the music this year — you are the music and you find the muse. Enjoy! And Happy Birthday. Sending a special shout out to Alice and a terrific birthday celebration to Pete as well.

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