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Cancer 2013 Newsletter

Here is your copy of the Cancer 2013 Newsletter that mailing list recipients received on June 20 to coincide with the dawn of the Summer Solstice which occurred July 21at 1:04 AM EDT and serves as the gateway to welcome sun sign Cancer.

This newsletter has 12 pages, longer than most, due to the widespread interest in national security that is dominating the airwaves, the attention to international and domestic policies and practices, concerns about weather patterns and breaking news of actor James Gandolfini’s death. Besides information on what lies ahead in the coming months for Cancers you will find a list of prominent personalities who celebrate Cancer birthdays, highlights of the current planetary cycles, retrograde planet cycles, important lunar activity, key dates, transits and special announcements. Included also is a segment on the cast of Mad Men, a shout out to Emmy winner Kristen Alderson cast member from General Hospital, insight into cyber spy Edward Snowden and answers to your questions in the Readers Corner.

I hope you find the information helpful and welcome your comments.Cancer 2013 Newsletter

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