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Gemini 2013 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

World, national and political news has been intense during the past several weeks triggered by current planetary transits that are playing out all year. I hope your world is much calmer. As I mail this newsletter Uranus and Pluto are in hard aspect to one another and strongly influence the planet of communication, Mercury, and the quality of the messages we are receiving from key sources. Most people I know are looking for some good news beyond owning the winning lottery ticket — they desire encouragement to uplift spirits and create optimism. About an hour ago the Sun moved into Gemini at 5:09 PM EDT marking a cycle of new beginnings for Geminis.

I hope you enjoy this issue that features a look at Gemini’s year ahead, Gemini birthdays of note, announcements, cyber security warnings, a glimpse of current planetary activity and how it affects certain signs, weather patterns, the political climate and eclipse activity, especially the full Moon eclipse on May 25 EDT in Sagittarius.

Also in this issue you’ll find: an update on American Idol and an astrological write-up on 8 key cast members from the hit ABC show, NASHVILLE– wish I could include them all because the cast is fantastic; insight into the Jodi Arias case; answers to questions posed in Readers Corner; and information on how you can schedule an appointment with me to gain insight into important life directions.

Wishing you success in all your cherished ventures,

Gemini 2013 Newsletter and Update;

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