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Pisces 2019 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

As we move through winter, I hope the weather is improving in your corner of the world and that you optimistically look forward to spring. Thank you for staying in touch since our last information exchange.
The Sun moves to Pisces at 6:04 PM EST tomorrow, February 18. Here is this month’s newsletter that focuses on  Pisces year ahead, the current positions of planets and the signs they affect most in this cycle, the material covering People, Places and Events in the news,  Readers Corner, the latest security atrocities, celebrity and other birthdays and the quote of the month. I hope you learn something new and benefit from the information.
Enjoy all the kindred spirits in your lives,
Alice DeVille
Consulting and Writing
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One of the most talked about planets is Mercury, the planet that dominates all facets of communication. Mercury is going to go retrograde on August 12th at 9:00 PM EDT. You can’t escape Mercury on the news even in discussions with non-astrologers. Mercury rules two Sun signs, Gemini and Virgo. My clients send in more questions related to Mercury and consistently share examples with me about their retrograde experiences than any other planet.

I am sharing this article that I wrote 17 years ago to give you greater insight into the qualities and personality of Mercury. The Title is “AN INTERVIEW WITH THE MESSENGER” and I hope you enjoy what Mercury has to say as the Messenger of the Gods explains what makes him tick.

Alice DeVille




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