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Cancer 2016 Newsletter

Dear Readers,
At 6:34 PM EDT, the Summer Solstice occurs and we welcome the sign Cancer to the stage for the coming month. So much has occurred since the last newsletter went out in the world of politics (its Hillary vs. the Donald in November — The Clinton’s are celebrating the birth of their second grandchild and today was a big one for Donald as he fired his campaign manager),; the entertainment field (my how HAMILTON grabbed up 11 Tony wins),; the realm of sports (we said good-bye to champ Muhammed Ali who died on June 3) and basked in the promise made good of LeBron James to bring the NBA Title to the Cleveland Cavaliers last night after a dry spell of 52 years. And sadly we experience horror and sadness over three destructive events that took place in Orlando within days last week.
Read all about Orlando and its emphasis on entertainment and youth, check out Cancer Sandra Lee’s BIO; see what is on the minds of writers in this month’s Readers Corner and savor the quote of the month.  
Thank you for staying in touch. May each of you enjoy the summer.

Alice DeVille
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Cancer 2016 Newsletter

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