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Aquarius 2015 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

I am pleased to send you the first newsletter of 2015. This one honors Aquarius. The Sun moved to Aquarius at 4:44 AM this morning; a few hours later the New Moon in Aquarius occurred at 8:14 AM.

Included in this newsletter is information about our featured sign, Aquarius, how the planets are affecting the sign in this cycle, eclipse patterns, famous Aquarians; announcements that include using Pay Pal to pay for consultations, Cybersecurity alerts, publishing info, important dates; highlights of the planets places during the month ahead, people making the news in the film industry and political figures who are thinking of running for office. You will also find information in Readers Corner and an alert to new office hours.

Thank you for your warmth and support.

All the best,

Alice DeVille
Consulting and Training Services
(813) 374-5398


AQUARIUS 2015 Newsletter

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