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Gemini 2015 Newsletter

Dear Readers,
Taurus ends its journey early on May 21 and we welcome the vibrant energy of Gemini at 4:45 AM. Here is the Gemini Newsletter featuring important dates, solar and lunar cycles, special announcements, a look at Gemini’s year ahead including the eclipse aspects; Gemini celebrities and an overview of the planetary activity covering the period from May 21-June 21. You will also get current insight into celebrity and location activity in the People, Places, Events and Topics in the news: American Idol season finale; Dancing With The Stars finale, birth data on Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge who made her parents proud on May 2; information about Bruce Jenner, The City of Baltimore, Maryland; and insight into the chart of Matthew Weiner the director, producer and writer of MAD MEN that aired its final episode on May 17.
Readers Corner features feedback on the previous issue, questions revolving around clothing purchases, hoarding and relationship dynamics; also look for the quote of the month and housekeeping information.  
I look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy a beautiful Memorial Day holiday,
Peace and blessings,

Alice DeVille
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