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PISCES 2017 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

Tomorrow morning the Sun will move into Pisces at 6:31 AM EST. Here is your opportunity to examine details about Pisces’ year ahead and see the impact of the eclipses and planets prominent in your lives now, topics of interest to the public, the current positions of the planets and how they are affecting you. Check out the upcoming Solar eclipse in Pisces. You’ll be able to read about the latest Cybersecurity warnings, important dates and significant solar and lunar events, housekeeping details and information about Pisces celebrities.

The People, Places and Events section features a Adele, a major winner at the February 12 Grammy Awards show; information about the new Trump White House and the birthdays of some of his key staff who are regularly featured in the news. A write-up about Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence, a Pisces, covers his successes, culinary preferences, Food Network TV hosting opportunities and some of his favorite dishes.  Readers Corner responds to a question from a client who has a loaded First House and wants to know how to cope with the constant activity.

I have enjoyed hearing from many of you who correspond with me and wish you a rewarding and joyful month. Thank you for staying in touch.

Peace and Blessings,


Alice DeVille
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