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Gemini 2014 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

I have enjoyed hearing from many of you since last month’s newsletter went out. Tonight at 10:59 PM EDT, the Sun moves from Taurus to Gemini. Here is the Gemini newsletter for your enjoyment.

This issue features the highlights of Gemini’s year ahead, including eclipse activity; announcements; cyber threat information; names of Gemini celebrities; planetary activity from May 20-July 21 when the Sun moves to Cancer; information on the long transit of Mars in Libra; the effects of hard aspects from Mars, Pluto and Uranus on the latest cyber security breach on our businesses from Chinese military sources; people in the news featuring American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, George Clooney, Donald Sterling, Magic Johnson, Hillary Clinton, and Solange Knowles. You will also learn more about romantic compatibility in this month’s Reader’s Corner as well as how to share responsibilities in a bake sale. Check out the quote of the month and the housekeeping items related to services and office hours.

I wish you a month of happiness and a lifetime of peace. Enjoy your Memorial Day Holiday and stay safe.Gemini 2014 Newsletter


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