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Leo 2015 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer. Here is the 2015 edition of the Leo Newsletter. This evening at 11:31 PM EDT the Sun moves into Leo where it remains until August 23.

Highlights of this material: news about the Llewellyn annuals, special announcements including birthday milestones for readers, cyber threats, a look at Leo’s year ahead including eclipse activity and celebrity birthdays, the planets’ activity from July 22 through August 23 and a look at the lunar and solar cycles. You will also find information about presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, the U.S. Moon and Pluto transits, Giada De Laurentis, emerging world events, a shout out to New Horizons on their amazing photos of Pluto in the People, Places and Topics in the News section; and Readers Corner deals with responsibility and expectations. You will also find the quote of the month, housekeeping information and my wishes that you enjoy life and love to the fullest.

All the best,


Alice DeVille
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Leo 2015 Newsletter

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