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Taurus 2023 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

Thank you for staying in touch and sending comments on your interests in the newsletter. I appreciate your feedback. In answer to your questions, yes, I am scheduling telephone appointments. Just let me know your availability and I will contact you as soon as possible about setting a time.

On April 20, the Sun moved to Taurus at 4:14 AM EDT. This material includes the outline for the Taurus birthday year as well as the current positions of planets and transits and the signs affected, a glimpse of King Charles III’s coronation, eclipse activty which includes two eclipses starting April 20 and another on May 5, retrograde planet activity, Readers’ Corner focusing on relocation options and insight, security information, and general housekeeping details.

May you enjoy the spring and take in some quality time for you and your loved ones.


Alice DeVille

Consulting and Writing


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