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Aries 2019 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

I hope you have enjoyed a productive and inspiring month without too much interference from Mercury retrograde. A significant number of reports have come in citing examples and hoping for relief. I know I have experienced my share and understand the need to be patient. Hang in there!

At 5:59 PM EDT today, the Sun moves to Aries and we celebrate the leader of the Zodiac and the spring equinox. Enjoy the news in this issue and familiar features that include important dates, planets current positions and the impact on signs, the lunar phases, Aries year ahead, People, Places and Events (featuring Uranus, weather patterns Christchurch, NZ,  Washington News, Luke Perry), Readers Corner and the quote of the month.

Cherish your blessings and welcome spring,


Alice DeVille

Consulting and Writing

(813) 374-5398

Aries 2019 Newsletter


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