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Dear Readers,

I enjoy hearing from you. Thank you for staying in touch over the past month. I hope you are gearing up for happy remembrances in the month ahead. If you are a Virgo, this month’s newsletter has special information for you, as well as for several other signs showing prominence on the horizon. Many of you are experiencing movement and anticipating meaningful change. The Sun moves to Virgo at 12:09 AM EDT on August 23rd.

This issue includes movement of the planets (transits and eclipses), the lunations and significant dates; cyber-security news, people, places and events featuring Kilauea, HI, White House movement, status of America’s Got Talent, Aretha Franklin, and cast of The Great British Baking Show. Readers Corner helps you identify planets affecting workload analysis, evidence of a person’s first Saturn return, Chiron’s influence in a chart, broken engagements and the importance of solid communication.

Enjoy the remaining weeks of summer.


Alice DeVille

Consulting Services

Telephone: (813) 374-5398

Virgo 2018 Newsletter 08182018

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