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Aries 2018 Newsletter

Dear Readers:

It’s time to say good-bye to Pisces and say hello to innovative Aries today at 12:15 PM EDT.  To help you welcome spring, here is the Aries newsletter that features a preview of what’s ahead for Aries — trends, transits, major planetary and eclipse activity and a look at famous people born under this sign. This issue includes general information and planetary activity for other signs with important dates, time periods, lunar and solar phases and features the major impact of planets for the month ahead. In response to reader demand, this month’s People in the News features the high drama government activity in Washington, DC and the recent exits, firings and replacements involving Andrew McCabe and Rex Tillerson, along with the lawsuits of Stormy Daniels and the President. (Note correction regarding Michael Avenatti’s Sun Sign on page 8). Wait until you see how the current crop of eclipses play out in their charts. Check out General Hospital Aries birthdays as the daytime drama prepares to celebrate 55 years on the air. The Readers Corner features questions about relationships and living arrangements and what life might be like when Mars occupies your chart’s 6th House of health, daily environment, work place dynamics and career choices. The confidential section addresses stress levels that may keep you feeling low when your chart is super charged by multiple eclipses and transits.
I enjoyed hearing from you. Thank you for staying in touch.
Alice DeVille
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