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Aquarius 2018 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

I have enjoyed hearing from you all month. Thank you for staying in touch.
This evening at 10:10 PM EST, the Sun moves to Aquarius territory, a sign in high focus that is in the middle of a number of eclipse hits. The year ahead should be very exciting for sign members and I hope you enjoy reading the details and will share them with your favorite Aquarians. This issue covers material related to the world stage, politics, the position of planets, the outlook for Valentine’s Day 2018, significant eclipse activity, the missile scare in Hawaii on January 13th, cyber news, questions in the Readers’ Corner, the quote of the month and a write-up on General Hospital actor, Michael Easton whose birthday falls on the day of the next solar eclipse, February 15th.
Have a beautiful month.
Peace and Blessings,

Alice DeVille
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