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Libra 2016 Newsletter

Dear Readers,
Mercury retrograde has been working overtime during this cycle. I was getting ready to send you this newsletter when the power went out and resulted in the need for document recovery — everything shut down. I hope you have had an easier time with communication venues.
The Sun moves to Libra tomorrow morning at 10:21 AM EDT. We say good-bye to summer and celebrate the autumnal equinox. Here is your newsletter featuring an overview of Libra’s year ahead, celebrity birthdays, cyber news, announcements and important dates and lunation information. Also featured is a look at the current position of planets and eclipses and how they are affecting you; People, Places and Events that cover the winners of America’s Got Talent, Ryan Lochte,  Dancing With The Stars, and political updates; Reader’s Corner responds to a request for information on a “9/11” article I wrote after being in the friendly skies on that date and rerouted to an unplanned destination.
Thank you for staying in touch. May you enjoy the refreshing energy of fall.


Alice DeVille
Consulting and Training Services
(813) 374-5398


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