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GEMINI 2016 Newsletter

Dear Readers,
I hope you are enjoying some lovely spring weather with just the right amount of rain to make your flowers and shrubs bloom.
Thank you for sharing your personal experiences with Mercury retrograde in its current cycle. Only a few more days before it goes direct. You may even be able to breathe more easily now if the brunt of the inconvenience is behind you.
Here is the Gemini newsletter for 2016. The Sun moves to Gemini on May 20th at  10:36 AM. This edition offers insight for Gemini in the year ahead, discusses the current position of planets and the signs most affected by their movement, world events, celebrities and events in the news and a glimpse at what is on the minds of readers in the popular Readers Corner section. You will also find important dates, information about the lunation, the summer solstice, a list of famous Geminis, consumer fraud prevention tips and the quote of the month.
Celebrate relationships and the art of conversation.
Peace and Blessings,   

Alice DeVille
Consulting and Training Services
(813) 374-5398

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Gemini 2016 Newsletter

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