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Libra 2015 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

We say good-bye to the service-oriented sign Virgo tomorrow morning and welcome the sign of participation, Libra at 4:21 AM. This issue represents an opportunity to review what is in store for Libra in the year ahead including emerging trends, planning and the effect of eclipses in Libra’s solar houses as well as a list of celebrities with Libra birthdays.  You will also find helpful information on Cyber Security, current announcements, important dates and the solar and lunar cycles.

Other prominent features include Planetary Activity that takes place from September 23-October 23, People, Places and Topics in the news featuring a political update, a short profile of Emeril Lagasse, the judges, host and winner of Season 10 of America’s Got Talent, Jennifer Anniston’s wedding to Justin Theroux, and insight into relationships, real estate and divorce in the popular Readers Corner.

As always I have enjoyed hearing from you. Here’s to the start of a beautiful fall!



Alice DeVille
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Libra 2015 Newsletter

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