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Leo 2014 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

Early this evening the Sun leaves the light of Cancer and moves into royal Leo territory at 6:41 P. M. EDT. Here is the Leo issue of the monthly newsletter to give you a jump on planning and insight for the month ahead.

This issue features information about current astrological publications, important dates, lunar and solar cycles, announcements, cyber security warnings, a look at Leo’s year ahead and the effect of eclipses on members of this lively fire sign as well as a list of Leo-born celebrities. Also included are highlights of planet activity from July 22-August 23, the duration of Leo’s reign that showcases important movement, retrograde patterns, and suggestions for making the most of planetary challenges. This month’s feature on people, places and topics in the news discusses Malaysia Flight 17; the USA chart and its dance with transiting Pluto, and a look at the Veterans Administration. Those of you who enjoyed Readers’ Corner weigh in on one of last month’s issues regarding the vase; and new readers ask for help in resolving personal issues — this month’s theme focused on trust in relationships. Then we look at the quote of the month, contact information and office hours.

Enjoy the material.

All the best,


Alice DeVille
Consulting and Training Services
(703) 825-7235

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Leo 2014 Newsletter

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