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Capricorn 2013 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

Today marks the Winter Solstice and reflects the Sun’s transition into Capricorn. As you complete your holiday preparations, I hope you have time to look at the highlights of this newsletter. They include: expressions of gratitude for your kindness towards my family and me; your greetings, announcements for this cycle; cyber news and emerging threats to avoid; holiday hours; dates to remember; birthday information for Capricorn’s year ahead; activity of the planets from December 21-January 19, the Capricorn cycle; dates for lunar/solar cycles; people, places and topics in the news featuring celebrities whose charts strongly reflect current planetary activity; more on Pluto cycles including how to spot the trends in your own chart; and the popular readers’ corner.

If you are still in search of the perfect gift, consider giving a consultation to someone who could use a new perspective on life.

I wish all of you the greetings of the season: a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, a cool Yule or Happy Kwanzaa, and wish you peace and prosperity in the year ahead.


Alice DeVille
Consulting Services


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